Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This time we mean it.

Farrah Field & Jared White read their marvelous poems.

Wednesday, April 29. 7 PM sharp.  Seriously, 7 PM sharp.

Home Sweet Home

131 Chrystie Street

 Farrah Field's poems have appeared in many publications including the Mississippi Review, Margie, The Massachusetts Review, Typo, Harp & Altar, 42Opus, La Petite Zine, Pebble Lake Review, Another Chicago Magazine, Fulcrum, and forthcoming in Ekleksographia. Rising is her first book of poetry and won Four Way Books’ 2007 Levis Prize. She lives in Brooklyn and blogs at

 Jared White grew up in Massachusetts and lives in Brooklyn. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in journals like Barrow Street, Cannibal, Coconut, Fulcrum, Horse Less Review,The Modern Review, Sorry 4 Snake, Verse, and Word For / Word. He has published essays in Harp & Altar, Poets Off Poetry at Coldfront, and Open Letters, and a chapbook entitled Yellowcake was included in the recent hand-sewn anthology Narwhal from Cannibal Books. From time to time, he blogs at and plays the piano.

Please see the two previous entries for a little more about Farrah & Jared.  & if you'd like to see photos from last month's reading with CA Conrad & Ian Dreiblatt, drop us a line here.  We miss you.

Jared White: yes please

& now some Jared White to increase your desire to hear him read with the aforementioned & very delightful Farrah Field:

First, his densely interesting blog.

Second, some essays mentioned by the ever-kindly Steven Karl in his blog

Third, the suggestion--nay, the demand--that you attend his reading at Chrystie Street a week from today, on April 29, to hear him perform fabulous feats of language & sound, to hear him jump through hoops of syntax & come out unscathed on the other side, twirling his moustaches.

Be there!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Farrah Field: total delight

Farrah Field & Jared White are our next readers, appearing at Home Sweet Home at 7 pm on April 29.  So, to get you as excited as we are: a little FF for your reading pleasure.

Farrah's blog can be found at  

Her glorious first book, Rising, is now available for purchase. Take a look at the gorgeous cover art and read an excerpt.  Also, buy it: it's a weird & wonderful book, full of the dense murk of sadness & the bright metallic tang of river water.  Also, Farrah is very funny.  It's a wonderful surprise--don't miss out on it.